Our Name

Selecting our name was a process of exploring who we are as individuals, business owners and innovators...fiVO Design authentically represents us as a whole.

"fi" is a tribute to Fibonacci and the Golden Rule of Proportion. It's a powerful principle that's found in unexpected places. We reference it throughout our design process and in our relationships.

"VO" stands for Veteran Owned to honor Stewart's service in the US Navy.

Our Mantra

"There are no problems, just solutions". These are words we live by and teach our children as we overcome obstacles in life and innovate new products to create smarter spaces for better lives.

The Infiniti Joinery System is our solution to simplifying furniture so you can focus on enjoying life.

Our Story

We are a husband and wife team tacking the daily grind of being small business owners.

Stewart is a proud US Navy Veteran and owner of fiVO Design. He is an innovator and problem solver. Deanna is a CPA by education and joined the business after starting our family. She is a serial hustler and loves a challenge.

fiVO Design is the culmination of 20 years of our business evolving. We're excited to share our designs with you!

Our Inspiration

So many of us struggled with working from home and remote learning during COVID. We saw an opportunity to help by creating a multi-functional table that is easy to assemble and can be stowed away.

Work from home desk, hobby table, bar cart, kitchen island and more...The MOD 5 was born and has since developed into a Collection of innovative, functional and user friendly furniture with a modern style that is complimentary to most decors.

Our Promise

It's easy to say that we promise to build the highest quality furniture and give you great customer service but you deserve more than that...

We promise to continue innovating to provide you with the most functional, cool furniture that we can bring to market. We further promise that it will be hassle free and give you nothing but enjoyment!