What is the MOD 5?

The MOD 5 is a 5 piece modular table or desk.  It can be customized to fit any space.    

Where can I use the MOD 5?

The MOD 5 is a universal, modular piece of furniture that can be uses in almost any space.  Think of it as the piece of furniture you didn't know you needed.  It can be used as a desk, a hobby table, a bar cart, an island in a small kitchen, and so much more! 

What makes the MOD 5 so unique?

The patent pending Infiniti Joinery system is what makes the MOD 5 so unique. This hook and slot joinery allows the MOD 5 to be adjustable in height, link units together, turn corners and customize it to any space.  

Is the MOD 5 available in different colors?

Yes!  The MOD 5 is currently available in natural birch finish.  It can also be upgraded to a stain finish in Beachwood Gray or Coffee Bean.  In addition, the top can be upgraded to a colored laminate.   

Do I need tools to assemble the MOD 5?

No!  The MOD 5 requires no tools and no hardware for a hassle free assembly. The 5 piece MOD 5 can be assembled in less than 1 minute.  In addition, it can be disassembled just as quickly and stowed away under a couch/bed or in a closet. This also makes moving with the MOD 5 extremely easy as you don't have to worry about losing hardware or specialty tools when in transit.  Simply, arrive at your new home and set up the MOD 5 in minutes! 

Does the MOD 5 come with a warranty?

Yes.  The MOD 5 comes with a 5 year limited warranty. 

Can the MOD 5 be shipped to my home or office? 

Yes.  The MOD 5 ships flat packed and can be shipped anywhere in the United States.  Shipping fees apply.  

Can I order accessories for my MOD 5 at a later date?

Yes.  Each MOD 5 sale is recorded with a serial # so we can easily reference your original order and match available accessories.  You can continue to customize your MOD 5 throughout its life.